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ZHTECH can deploy your SharePoint application fast and economic in Cloud.
1. SharePoint Foundation 2013

Started from $250/m plus $300 basic setup fee
Available in one day after ordering
2. SharePoint Server 2013

Three tier farm structure

Started from $660/m plus $800 basic setup fee

Scale up or down as needed

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About ZHTECH Corporation

ZHTECH Corporation is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, USA, and focuses on web-based business and technology solutions. We have extensive experience and expertise in the industry and are therefore highly qualified to serve our clients, large or small, with their corporate websites or web-enabled applications needs. ZHTECH is diversified enough to cover a wide variety of the latest web technologies, yet concentrated in the fields of our specialties to be able to offer customized and personalized services. Recently, our core business has been in the content management system, Business Intelligence, and Cloud computing (PaaS and SaaS).

Our Mission:

To promote global exchange and communication through web-based applications and technology development, and to exceed the highest expectations of our clients, regardless of their size, by creating and building top quality web applications that they will be proud of, and by providing them with the most personalized, efficient and superior life-time services.

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