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We are a Microsoft certified solution provider and authorized partner. We provide integration services for Microsoft Cloud products such as Office 365, Azure, and Dynamic CRM. Microsoft Office 365 is the secure Cloud service for anywhere, anytime access to professional email, shared calendars, instant messaging, video conferencing, document collaboration, and much more.


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Collaborative e-Commerce Solution Development

Internet brings companies to sell their products or services on-line with ease.  Companies can now gain from a global marketplace with drastically reduced setup, maintenance and operational costs, all this due to the fact that e-Commerce is an extremely affordable way of doing business compared to conventional business models. You can have a lucrative online store as an independent business venture or use e-Commerce to generate additional revenues to your existing "brick and mortar" business.

However, setting up an online storefront can be a laborious endeavor. It includes a proper electronic commerce application, merchant account system, credit card processing gateway, and a secure interface for secure transactions. ZHTECH can help you in every single step of this equation shown below:

Our company can quickly and affordably set up the proper e-Commerce software application solution needed by your business. In addition to helping build flexible and adaptable systems, we help identify the requirements for building and maintaining an e-Commerce enabled website.

We work with clients in designing and installing the proper e-Commerce software applications to handle electronic order management and transaction processing, including several areas of the business processes such as pricing, purchasing, customer order flow, shipping, inventory, order fulfillment, real time inventory management, tracking of customer behavior, and customer service.

Additionally, we assist our clients throughout the whole e-Commerce configuration process including analyzing the third party mechanisms required to e-Commerce-enable a website, such as merchant account acquisition or integration via an existing financial institution's system, shipping alternatives, fulfillment management and all the secure transaction schemes to safely gather and process critical and sensitive information such as client's credit card numbers and personal information.

Finally, the success of an e-Commerce site doesn't rely primarily on product pricing, selection and availability. Just as with any other business, consumer awareness via proper marketing plays a key factor in a successful on-line business venture. Once an e-Commerce solution is in place and operating, we can assist with continual support by marketing, monitoring, analyzing and developing proper cross industry promotional campaigns.

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