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ZHTECH Corporation has developed a line of special educational programs in Information Technology for adult students. Our courses are accessible, affordable, innovative, and meet the diverse needs of individuals. The online course rooms are available 24/7 and accessible anytime anywhere.

Our IT certificates covers

  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data
  • Mobile Technology
  • Business Intelligence
  • Web Design and Development

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Welcome to ZHTECH Corporation

  • ZHTECH Corporation focuses on web-based business and technology.We make top-quality and user-friendly products that will solve your real world problems
  • ZHTECH Corporation is run by top IT professionals in the fieldLet us handle your IT problems so that you can focus on your core business.
  • ZHTECH Corporation is specialized in Cloud computing technologyWe are a leading provider of virtual office, BI, and SharePoint solutions on-premise or in Cloud.
  • Business Intelligence and Big Data
  • SharePoint Development
  • We provide Cloud-based web hosting
  • Team Work and Agile DevelopmentWe can get you online quickly, efficiently and with style.
  • Visit us at and start cutting your IT cost.
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ZHTECH Corporation focuses on web-based business and technology. We are specialized in Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence (BI) and SharePoint portal development. We have extensive experience and expertise to serve our clients, large or small, that need a corporate portal site or web-enabled applications. Our company is diversified enough to cover a variety of the latest web technologies, yet concentrated in the fields of our specialties to be able to offer customized and specialized services and products. Major specialty areas include Cloud computing (PaaS, SaaS), SharePoint portal development, and BI software.

ZHTECH can get you online quickly, efficiently and with style. Whether you need a simple corporate site, an in-depth database-driven site, an e-Commerce enabled site with real-time credit card processing, a website with dynamic map generating and querying, an online tracking system, a project or content management portal site, or anything that needs to be accessed through browsers with a centralized database, look no further than ZHTECH.  



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